We love facebook poker

So much, that we started thinking about how we could make it even more challenging. Are you wondering the same? The answer is our add-on named zpOdds.

Considering the first-hand experience in computer programming we gained through the years, the initial version of zpOdds we created was built in a quite intricate manner. However, we liked it, our friends liked it, their friends liked it too and so we get the technical support for developing this new and professional version of zpOdds for Facebook poker by Zynga.

This is how zpOdds turned into an automatic Poker Odds Calculator meant to show you what your winning probability is, according not only to the default strategy but also to your very own one!

Yes, it is right: zpOdds knows how to deal with your poker strategy!

We strongly believe that playing by a well-thought-out strategy is the key to success when it comes to Facebook poker. This is why zpOdds is now able to learn and apply in practice any poker strategy one can create by filling in a very simple form.

In long games, when even the slightest mistake can lead to a heavy loss, zpOdds becomes priceless for its users. Helping you to develop an efficient strategy, showing your winning chances and allowing you to notice both your mistakes and the well played hands with zpEvolution, zpOdds will certainly provide you with the great thrill of victory!


  • Unlimited number of Facebook accounts

    ZpOdds can be used on an unlimited number of Facebook accounts or computers

  • Test your poker skills

    There is no tool more efficient and relevant to test and improve your vision of the poker game than zpGame. Try it now and upgrade your assessment time of opportunities!

  • Time saving

    As you can’t get back the time spent waiting for the proper hand to play, go and let zpOdds play your cards right while you enjoy your free and precious time!

  • Strategy Panel

    It has never before been easier to devise a new poker strategy. Use the Strategy Panel to manage yours and test your abilities by changing it whenever you feel so!

  • Poker tells

    Are you missing real life poker tells? Guess what, in online poker games the tells are not gone, but quite more subtle. ZpOdds brings them back and now the first one on every hand it’s free!

  • zpEvolution

    Based on two types of line charts, this new feature allows you to improve your strategy showing the evolution of both your chips and odds level in real time. Now you can really analyze your poker skills!

  • Hand strengh meter

    zpOdds includes a friendly Hand strengh meter which does not take 10% of you chips every time you win

  • Safe play

    It’s time for you to stop worrying for your chips. Safe play will automatically notify you when you have won or lost more than you have had expected

How it works


  • Sign-up and Download zpOdds Poker Addon
  • Buy some API Requests
  • Play poker and Win chips all the time, even when you sleep, work, travel, etc.

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To avoid a initial high cost for zpOdds’ software license, we have decided to use a cloud computing-like licensing system that splits the costs over usage time. Check our offer now!
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Frequently asked questions


  1. What is zpOdds?

    zpOdds is the #1 poker odds calculator for Zynga poker available on the major social networks like facebook, zynga poker.

    It uses complex algorithms to calculate odds and provide the best advice for every situation, taking into account cards, position, fold depth and playing style. zpOdds does all this by automatically reading your cards and your opponents’ moves so you don’t have to input any information.

  2. What poker rooms can I use zpOdds in?

    You can use zpOdds with Zynga poker application available on the major social networks like facebook, Zynga.
  3. How do I get a license for zpOdds?

    To avoid a high initial cost for the software licence of zpOdds Poker Addon, we have decided to use a cloud computing-like licensing system that splits the costs over usage time.
    Given this fact, you can purchase packets of API Requests from us directly by visiting our secure order page.

    All these packs include the software license.

  4. Is zpOdds Safe?

    Yes, zpOdds Poker Addon does not require any of you passwords or account personal data.

    The data used by zpOdds consist only of your account created on zpodds.com and the public data of the poker game.

    We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Our Privacy Policy covers our collection, use and disclosure of information we collect through our website and software.

    We recommend you to use a different password than on Facebook for your account on our website!

    All the poker data collected for the zpEvolution Service will not be willingly shared with anyone!
    This service can be disabled in the Settings Panel of zpOdds Poker Addon.

  5. How does zpOdds calculate odds?

    Many people think that zpOdds calculates the poker odds by randomly dealing the outcome many times, and averaging out the results (i.e. the Monte Carlo method). This is partially true, but it is not nearly enough in the game of poker: a Texas Hold Em player who has stayed in while others have folded no longer can be considered to have any old random hand.

    For this reason zpOdds uses a proprietary predictive algorithm to give weight to your opponents’ poker hands, and determines the probability that you will have the best hand at the River using that algorithm. Advice is given based on this probability, and adjusted according to your position in relation to the dealer button.

    Over time you will find the predictions are extremely accurate. For example, given a situation where zpOdds tells you that you have a 75% chance of winning the Texas Hold’em hand, you will find that you will take about 3 out of every 4 of those pots.

    Note: All pre-flop odds are pre-calculated and hard-coded into the program. Many starting hands will vary in strength depending on the number of people at the table.

    Although it will certainly give you accurate odds on your own hand, the advice that zpOdds gives you may be skewed in ‘play money’ games.
    This is because zpOdds assumes your opponents know how to play Texas Hold’em, and are not playing recklessly.
    In play money games where no one has anything to lose, people play more recklessly.

  6. How does zpOdds differ from the other poker odds calculators?

    Unlike other calculators, this calculator won’t just tell you what your Texas Hold’em hand will be. It also compares your likely hand to your opponents’ likely hands, giving you your odds of winning the poker hand, not just what you will personally hold. This is important, for example, if you have an 85% chance of making your straight, but there are 4 hearts on the table!

    This poker odds calculator program will tell you when to hold and fold based on everyone’s position, not just yours alone.

    It is essential to know when you might need to lay down those pocket aces, no matter how hard it might be!


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