Poker terms

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Poker Terms


Having all of your chips in the pot. A player who is all-in can’t be forced out of the pot, but can win only that portion of the pot that she is eligible for. A side pot for extra bets is created.


The amount of money you have.

Big Blind

The largest blind posted prior to the dealing of cards. This is usually the player sitting two seats to the left of the dealer.


A mandatory bet placed before the cards are dealt to force money into the pot. You usually have to post a blind when you join a game.


Betting even though you don’t have a good hand.


The cards showing and available to be seen by all players.


Refers to a full house (three of a kind plus a pair).


The amount a player spends to get into a game or tournament.


Matching a bet amount.

Cash Out

Taking your money and going home.


When no bets are pending, to pass your turn.

Check Out

To fold when you have the option of checking.


The act of checking, then re-raising a bet.


Small round disks used in poker that respresent a certain dollar amount.


One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing the working class.

Cold Call

To call more than one bet at once as result of a re-raise.


The man or woman who handles the cards, gives out the pots, and monitors the game.


One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing merchants.

Fixed Limit

The typial limit in land based casinos, where all players must bet a certain amount before and after the flop, and double that amount on the turn and river.


The first three community cards dealt face up on the table.


A poker hand of five cards where the suits all match.

Four of a Kind

A poker hand consisting of all four cards of the same type.

Full House

A poker hand consisting of three-of-a-kind and a pair. Worded as the three-of-a-kind being full; of the pair. Example: Three Aces and Two Tens is verbally declared as a full house, Aces full of Tens.


The complete playing of all the cards given out in one deal.


One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing the clergy.

High Limit

A game where the amounts wagered are high.


The establishment where a game is being held. It may be a casino in Las Vegas, a kitchen table, or an online casino’s server in Antigua.


A prize fund awarded to a player who meets a set of predetermined requirements. For example, some casinos will give a jackpot to someone who gets four-of-a-kind or higher and loses.


The type of betting in a game. There are: No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and Spread Limit

Main Pot

The first established pot before a player goes all-in and creates a side pot.

No Limit

Considered one of the last true forms of poker, where the amount you can bet is limited by the number of chips in front of you.


The proportion by which one bet differs from that of another.

Omaha Poker

A flop game where players are dealt four hole cards and five communal cards in the same sequence as holdem. Unlike holdem though, players must form their five card hand using exactly two hole cards and three board cards.


A poker hand comprised of two cards of the same type and three others.

Pay Off

To call a bet when the bettor is representing a hand that you can’t beat, but the pot is sufficiently large to justify a call anyway.

Poker face

Having no expression that may give away what a player may be holding.


In a turn-based game like Hold ‘Em, your rank in the order of turns. This is typically categorized into early, middle, and late positions. You can learn more about the various table postions and their impact on strategy here.


The amount of money and sum of the bets being wagered on in a game.

Pot Odds

The odds you get when analyzing the current size of the pot vs. your next call.


The time and betting round after the initial deal and before the flop.


To increase the amount of a previous wager. This increase must meet certain specifications, depending on the game, to reopen the betting and count toward a limit on the number of raises allowed.


Putting in another bet on top of a previous raise or raises.


The fifth and last community card dealt face up in a Hold ‘Em game.

Royal Flush

The highest ranking hand. Having a straight 10 to Ace of all the same suit.


A tournament format where each table plays down to one player, then all single table winners are combined to a table. This repeats until one table and player remain.


One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing nobility.

Split Pot

When two or more winning hands tie and divide the pot.


A poker player’s “gamblin’ money”.


A poker hand with five sequential cards. In Hold’Em, Aces can be high or low.

Straight Flush

A poker hand comprised of five sequential cards all of the same suit.

Tahoe Poker

A variant of texas holdem and omaha where a player gets dealt three cards instead of two but can use only up to two of them along with the five community card.

Texas Holdem

What this site is all about! A poker variant where each player is dealt two cards, then five communal cards are turned face up on the board.

Three of a Kind

A poker hand consisting of three cards of the same type.


Adjective to describe a player who selects hands very carefully and folds easily.

Top Pair

Having a pair with the highest card on the board and one in the pocket.

Top Two Pair

Having both your pocket cards match the highest two cards on the board.


A poker competition, normally with an entry fee and prizes.


The fourth community card dealt face up in a Hold ‘Em game.

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