Starting hands

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Many poker players knows that there are 169 possible starting hands, but only a few knows which hands are playable and which are not, in each position.

There are many starting hands strategies. The tables below provides a basic starting hand strategy for pairs and suited cards and unsuited cards. Hands marked in orange should be played from any position. Hands marked in yellow should be played only from middle or late positions. Hands marked in blue should be played only from late positions. Hands marked in green should not be played at all (fold).


It is important that you realize when playing Texas Hold’em you will end up foldingprior to the flop most of the time. This is because you will likely experience frequent,
terrible starting hands on a regular basis such as 2-7 or 3-8. Don’t let this discourage you. You need patience when it comes to playing Hold’em, so don’t expect to win every game you paly or you’ll only end up losing all of your chips. Keep in mind that
although a strong starting hand is a good sign, and increases your chances of nabbing the pot, always be prepared to fold if your hand fails to improve, because more than
likely another player already has the better cards.

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