How to win chips in zynga poker

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How to win chips in zynga poker

One of the best practices held dear by successful Facebook Poker players is to play their hole cards successfully by capitalizing on it during the late position of the game. Any facebook poker hole cards that generate a pot in the early position is exponentially more profitable if played in the late stage of the game. You don’t need to regret using hole cards that lose you facebook poker chips at the early position, they probably are not worth using at any part of the game. If you think that this reasoning is solely based on speculation and trick play then you are underestimating the amount of mathematics involved in a successful Facebook or Zynga poker game.

Computer simulations have proven that playing your hole cards in the late position is viable in this situation you get an opponent with a fixed intelligence, which is roughly higher than a regular Joe sitting in your facebook poker table. Of course the downside is that in a regular facebook poker game, players will easily spot you if you keep playing your weak holes on the button- this can be dangerous and lead to being check raised or make you lose your entire stack of zynga poker chips by betting against a strong hand.

Playing your hole cards early on is entirely dependent on each players hand and how they are used as the game progresses. If your gut tells you that your hole cards are strong enough to bet with during the early position then trust your instincts and save them for later. Being in the late position and gambling with trash hands will get you nothing but break even at best and broke at worst, with no option but to buy facebook poker chips to get back in the game.

Blinds can also be pretty tricky in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker, especially if you are in a situation where no one raises against your small blind. This can tempt you to call using weak hold cards just to find out if it is a flop. You can take advantage of this situation by abandoning your small blind bet, folding your handand ending up in a break even. The same principle applies if you are in the big blind and someone decides to rise against you- fold if you know that your hand isn’t stellar enough to play. Even if you are gambling away millions of facebook chips for the fun of it, throwing away your chips in facebook poker chips is never a wise decision. You can gain a bit more poker chips if you play the underdog in the blinds and loose a little but be careful at running the risk of going too far. It is never cool to keep betting for the sake of a Hail Mary win- wait for good cards to land in your hand even in the blinds.

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